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Just Another Leap—The Book

Everything that you are familiar with today was once unfamiliar territory. There was a time when you didn’t know how to walk, talk or read. But you do all of those things effortlessly now. If you took a similar approach to everything else you learn in life, you’d be amazed at how quickly you progress. It starts by learning to leap.

This book is about just that: Teaching you how to leap, how to let go of the fear, embrace the possibilities and land gracefully even when it may not be on your feet. It is about YOUR leap – the next one and the ones after that. These are the leaps you were born to take.

This book is NOT soft positive thinking and “just believing.” This is a practical, hands-on guide to a journey that begins with the first chapter and takes you on an active joyride through the very last page. 

Powerful Exercises

Set the wheels in motion using the exercises in Joyce's supplementary workbook. They will help you unlock your creativity, prioritize your goals, develop a sharp sense of awareness, think outside the box, squash your inner critic, and grind through current unknowns and undeveloped ideas. Learn how to direct your energy with focus and intent so you can get from "there to here" in both your personal and professional life. 

From powerful visualization and mind-mapping techniques, to affirmation and goal-setting exercises, this 71-page workbook will help you build a solid foundation so you can grow by leaps and bounds. 

Get your hands on the exercises that hundreds of people—including Joyce Layman herself—have used to jumpstart their desired outcomes and accomplishments.

2 ½ Hours of Self-study Audio Recordings

Included in your package is the original, unedited audio recording of the 2 ½ hour interview with Joyce Layman, hosted by radio show host Wayne Kelly. This exciting interview is what inspired the book Just Another Leap, A Layman's Guide to Get from There to Here, and is included for you to study and glean insights from. Listen to Joyce Layman's words directly from the original source. 

1-Hour Strategy Session with Joyce Layman

Offered in the All-In Leap Package 
Benefit from personalized guidance and exclusive mentorship in a one-on-one strategy session with Joyce Layman herself. Geared to help you prioritize your next steps, this 1-hour of coaching will empower you to take action and achieve concrete results. Take this opportunity to re-define what it really means to take ownership of your own success. 

*1-hour strategy sessions are regularly valued at $349. With the All-In Leap Package, you save $150 while receiving all of the amazing products mentioned here.

 Learn how to overcome the biggest obstacle you face in life — the four inches between your ears.

Stellar Reviews

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Too many people postpone happiness indefinitely because of their inability to take the leap.

This book is an inspiring account of the remarkable results possible when you put your energy into acting and not thinking. Just Another Leap provides a rousing blueprint to help people move forward. 

Steve GillilandBestselling Author of "Enjoy the Ride"

As a CEO leading an association whose main focus in leadership and professional development for women in mid-career, Joyce Layman’s no-nonsense guidance is a must read.  Her common-sense approach to risk taking, will encourage readers to “leap” and not “limp” as a high impact strategy for advancement, whether personally or professionally.

Cici Rojas CEO of Central Exchange

Joyce Layman has written the playbook on how to take a quantum leap in a brilliant future.

You teach us that it’s okay to be uncomfortable being comfortable. You teach us through the amazing exercises, stories, and examples to make bold decisions. Thank you Joyce. You Rock!

Simon T. Bailey Author of "Shift Your Brilliance"

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Meet the Author & National Speaker

Joyce Layman

Joyce is a national speaker, author, connector and presenter at TEDxUMKC. As a former wallflower in the world of business networking, she knows firsthand what it takes to overcome the greatest obstacle you'll   face - the four inches between your ears.
Joyce was fortunate to tap into information that transformed her life.  She sought training with The Pacific Institute, where she learned about the cognitive processes that influence mindset and success. Her passion is inspiring people to step out of their current habits, push comfort zones and navigate change to leverage new opportunities that are already surrounding them. Joyce combines her extensive training and experience in the science of mindset and the art of business connections to provide the one-two punch that gives her clients an advantage over their counterparts and their competition

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